4 Tips to Secure Your Android Smartphone

Increasingly the security technology on Android smartphone, in fact did not make the hackers deterrent.Important data such as home address, email, and even credit cards are still often misunderstood by those who are not responsible.

secure android smartphone

Actually this happens because Android users are less security in the smartphone owned. So the malicious hackers very easily retrieve secret data. Then how to secure your Android smartphone? Here are tips.

Enable smartphone encryption

Encryption is a process of coding data so it is not easy to read and known by humans. The code is made very random. If you enable Android smartphone encryption, new data will automatically be automatically secured by the encryption. Until now Android has two types of data encryption methods, among others:

Full disk encryption (Android 5. 0 and up)

Full-disk encryption uses only a single key and password-protected Android smartphone users. This method will protect your entire smartphone partition. So after the initial boot, you must give permission to access any data on your device.

However, when you reboot your smartphone, your data can not be accessed before you bypass security permissions first. It may look complicated, but this method makes your phone more secure.

File-based encryption (Android 7.0)

Good news for those of you who already use Android 7.0 Nougat, because the process of encryption becomes easier to do. On Nougat Android OS you can encrypt only on certain files only. So you can encrypt each file with different passwords. This method is much safer.

Secure chat app

Instant messaging applications or commonly known as SMS can also be a gap of hackers to steal important data you have. For that reason, we recommend that you secure your existing messaging app on your Android smartphone.

Signal Private Messenger

We recommend you to use the Signal Private Messenger app. In addition to having many features and easy to use, this application has an exceptional level of protection. Because Signal Private Messenger makes end-to-end encryption to store all your personal data.

Enable two authentication factors

This process is very important for you to do, especially if you are the type of person who has many social media accounts like Gmail, Facebook, or online payment accounts like Paypal, as well as online storage accounts like Dropbox. Thus, two-factor authentication or two-step verification is mandatory to ensure that your identity is not easily hijacked.

Do not install pirated apps

Some applications are sold at an expensive price. Therefore many people are not responsible for changing the paid application to be free. And we know the Indonesian people including the easily tempted by the things that smell free.

But please note, pirated applications are very dangerous. Because hackers have inserted some kind of secret code inside the pirated app to steal your important data. In addition, pirated applications are not infrequently causing the smartphone attacked by virus. If we personally prefer to pay but safe rather than free but big risk.


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