Here are Top 10 Smartphones with the Highest AnTuTu Score

All gadget enthusiasts around the world recognize that Samsung is an electronics giant that is so industriously produces many smartphones every year. That way, the market was filled with ranks of smartphones manufactured by Samsung.

But you know, if one of Samsung’s flagship smartphone production is only able to occupy the fourth position in performance testing conducted by AnTuTu. Yes! Smartphones are the Galaxy S8 + (G9550) which is only able to reach a score of 171,703 points.

OnePlus 5 recently launched just able to steal the attention with AnTuTu score reached 181,879 points to make it in the top position. The score also makes OnePlus 5 the first smartphone to reach an AnTuTu score above 180 thousands.

The second position is occupied by Nubia Z17 which is able to record the score 179.072 points and for the third rank is held by HTC 11 with a score of 174.729 points. Naturally if OnePlus 5 and Nubia Z17 now managed to subvert HTC U11. Because both smartphones have been supported by Snapdragon 825 and 8 GB of RAM.

Flagship smartphone has Xiaomi, Mi 6 must be willing to be in fifth position with a score of 170 255 points.Even so, the Mi 6 has the cheapest price among other smartphones that made it into the top five.

Another interesting fact, all smartphones into the top five are present in the year 2017. Of course you also wonder, what about two smartphones made by Apple, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

In this AnTuTu test, iPhone 7 Plus is in sixth position with a score of 170,177 points, while the iPhone 7 is in eighth position with a score of 160,589 points. Among the two smartphones made Apple, Sony Xperia XZ perch with a score of 165,835 points.

As for the ninth and tenth ranks, each is occupied by Galaxy S8 (G9500) and OnePlus 3T. Samsung-made smartphone, Galaxy S8 (G9500) is only able to achieve the AnTuTu score of 160,331 points and OnePlus T3 reached a score of 159,727 points.

Not a few gadget enthusiasts in many countries assume that the testing done by AnTuTu is very interesting.Because through the testing they can know faster, which smartphone is indeed having more performance.

Therefore, they also continue to wait, how later the latest smartphone performance, including those currently being worked on by Apple, the iPhone 7s, 7s Plus, and iPhone 8. Does its performance is able to match the score earned by iPad Pro 10.5 inches Which reached 222,824 points. Let’s wait!


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